Sunday, July 15, 2007

Specter/Kennedy Dirty Trick-Hate Crimes Bill added to Military Spending Bill

From Family Policy Network



Dear Friend:


Forgive me for contacting you about political "business" over the weekend, but what I have to tell you is so critical that it simply can't wait until Monday.



You already know Senator Ted Kennedy and his liberal "friends" in Congress have been working to pass a dangerous, radical, "hate crimes" proposal that would give special protection to homosexuals and simultaneously threaten the religious liberties of Bible-believing Christians like you and me.


But Ted Kennedy's tactics have reached an all-time "low" and you won't believe what he's planning to do next:



As early as Monday, Ted Kennedy will attach his homosexual "hate crimes" proposal to a MILITARY SPENDING BILL in a shockingly manipulative attempt to FORCE the President to sign it into federal law!


If successful, Ted Kennedy's dirty trick will force President Bush into an intense dilemma, wherein he must either:


A.) Provide homosexual activists with a major tool to silence Christians on the sinfulness of sexual immorality by signing the Kennedy-amended military spending bill...



-- OR --                                 


B.) Veto the military spending bill because of the presence of hate crimes language, thereby jeopardizing his ability to secure adequate funding for our fighting men and women in Iraq and around the world.



By now, you can see why we could not wait until Monday to ask for your help.


I need for you to get involved IMMEDIATELY.


Go to to sign our online petition.


Also, please consider a donation to FPN (see below).


Please forward this Critical Weekend Action Alert to as many conservative friends as you can. We need to give the President as much "cover" as possible, so he can confidently stand against Ted Kennedy's attempt to exploit our brave men and women for the purpose of pushing an extreme, pro-homosexual agenda.


Kennedy's defense bill amendment scheme is meant to pressure President Bush into signing the dangerous, pro-homosexual hate crimes language into law!


Worse yet, it is a shameless attempt to push the homosexual agenda on the American people by exploiting American soldiers who are currently in harm's way around the world.


As you know, anti-family radicals have been working to add "sexual orientation" to the list of federally-protected "hate crimes" categories for a long time.  If they are successful, there would be greater legal consequences for crimes committed against people who engage in sexual immorality than for those crimes committed against people like you or me. Worse yet, legal experts warn that salt-and-light Christians like you and me will be threatened for publicly condemning sins like homosexuality, cross-dressing and countless other sexual perversions. 


The last several attempts to pass hate crimes for homosexuals came in the form of the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act (H.R. 1592). Unfortunately, the latest attempt in the Pelosi-led U.S. House of Representatives succeeded.


Now, Ted Kennedy and other left-wing liberals have joined so-called "moderate" members of the U.S. Senate to do the same.


But they want to back President Bush into a corner so he will be forced to sign the hate crimes language into law.


So -- in a desperate attempt to appease radical homosexual activists -- Kennedy and his cohorts are adding an amendment into the National Defense Authorization Bill that contains the same dangerous language as H.R. 1592. 


If passed, the brave men and women who risk their lives to preserve our freedoms may wind up being pawns in Ted Kennedy's game to destroy the free speech rights of Bible-believing Christians like you and me!


My friend, we have little hope of convincing Ted Kennedy to withdraw this anti-Christian proposal in the Senate.  That means President Bush's veto pen will be our only hope of stopping Ted Kennedy's "hate crimes" scheme dead in its tracks. But adding this evil language to a military spending bill puts intense pressure on the President to sign it into law! 


n May, when HR 1592 passed the U.S. House of Representatives, staff members in the White House said they would urge the President to veto "hate crimes" for homosexuals.  But now that the proposal will be attached to a bill that is vitally important to our soldiers, the President will be less likely to take his own advisors' advice. 


That's why I'm writing to you today.  FPN has established an urgent, online petition to ask President Bush to heed the advice of his advisors to veto adding "sexual orientation" to the list of federally-protected "hate crimes" categories -- especially since Ted Kennedy is using brave American soldiers as mere pawns in a pro-homosexual, political game in Washington, D.C.



Sign the petition at: and tell President Bush:



VETO TED KENNEDY'S HATE CRIMES AMBUSH ON OUR MILITARY!    Instead, the President should force the Senate to approve a National Defense Authorization Act that does NOT promote the homosexual agenda.


Also, if possible, I hope you'll also prayerfully consider making an immediate, small, online gift of $3 or $5 - - or a more substantial $10, $15, $25 or even $50 contribution to the work of Family Policy Network right now. 


If you feel so led, please visit this link:


Remember, Ted Kennedy and his far-left allies will stop at nothing to stamp out the rights of Christians like you and me -- even if he has to trample on U.S. soldiers to do it!


Please sign FPN's petition against Ted Kennedy's hate crimes ambush on our military at right away.





Joe Glover, President

Family Policy Network



PS: Ted Kennedy's scheme to pass so-called "hate crimes" legislation for homosexuals could jeopardize the welfare of our fighting men and women overseas. Now, the only thing standing between the free speech of Christians and the radical, pro-homosexual hate crimes bill is the stroke of President Bush's veto pen. 


Please, please, visit immediately to sign FPN's petition against Ted Kennedy's hate crimes ambush on our military.  And, if possible, I pray you'll also consider making a secure online gift of $3 or $5 - - or a more substantial $10, $15, $25 or even $50 contribution to the work of FPN right now.  Click here to give:


Thank you in advance for your immediate response!



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