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'Gay' Training Workshops at NEA Poorly Attended

"Gay" Training Workshops at NEA Poorly Attended

Are Teachers Finally Fed Up With Homosexual Activism in Schools?

This summer during the week of the Fourth of July, the National Education
Association (NEA) held its annual convention in Philadelphia. Prior to the
meeting, wide publicity was given to teacher training workshops held by the
liberal teachers' union through its caucus of "GLBT" teachers (which stands
for "gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered"). These are openly homosexual
or cross-gender teachers, in other words.

Invitations were issued to the 9,000 delegates to attend the NEA-GLBT Caucus
workshop on June 29. Even the NEA board of directors was invited. The focus
would be on how teachers could "support" homosexuality in their schools
while silencing other viewpoints and warnings. There was no workshop with an
alternate view.

Sissy Jochmann, an NEA delegate teacher and member of the Conservative
Educators Caucus, attended this workshop. She reports that despite the 9,000
invited, only 30 people attended, two of whom were herself and another
conservative monitoring the session.

Jochmann reported that the roundtable discussions focused mostly on how to
overcome bullying and discrimination of "gay" students. Statistics were
presented showing what they claimed was the high suicide rate of these
students. While agreeing these were sad situations, Jochmann challenged them
on the sweeping conclusions and validity of these figures, and then shared
with the group some points on the other side of this issue, including the
health and lifestyle risks and the hope for change.

"I really felt it was important to do this because there were people in the
room who might not ever hear this otherwise," she said. One of those people
was a seventh-grade boy, brought to the workshop by his dad, a male teacher.
Reportedly, the man has two brothers, both of whom are "gay." Jochmann felt
it might be the only time this boy hears another viewpoint on homosexuality.

Amazingly, she said, the leaders and other participants were polite, much
more so than in years past. "I don't know why that was," she reflected.
"Perhaps because our group ( the Conservative Educators Caucus) was treated
so rudely in years past. But for whatever reason, we were treated with
civility this time."

The workshop participants had a dialogue about ex-homosexuals. Jochmann
asked the group to explain why they had such objections to the message that
change is possible. The response was that they believed "reparative therapy"
was harmful. Jochmann then reviewed for them the Robert Spitzer study. She
explained who Spitzer was and what his published findings revealed about the
strong possibility of change in the lives of homosexuals. She also told the
group that Spitzer found that reparative therapy had not been harmful, at
least not in the lives of those he studied.

Throughout the rest of the week, Jochmann heard many expressions of
frustration with the "GLBT" resolutions on the convention floor. She feels a
growing number of people are fed up with the forced agenda which doesn't
reflect the body of teachers as a whole. However, it was frustrating, she
said, to talk with the many Christian teachers represented and yet to have
so few be willing to speak out about this issue.

Several resolutions passed which furthered the pro-homosexual direction of
the NEA, including support for federal hate crimes legislation, trying to
make sexual orientation training a requirement for teacher licensure, and
enhancing the NEA web site with even more material favoring homosexuality.
Also, NEA will continue to financially support homosexual groups and
supports dismantling the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy and
replacing it with "non-discrimination" on the issue of homosexuality.

The Conservative Educators Caucus gained twelve new members this past year,
however, Jochmann reported, so there will be more people trained and willing
to step out in the future.


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