Friday, August 10, 2007

AFA of PA ACTION ALERT: Tell Philadelphia School District CEO 'Thanks'



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August 10, 2007


Tell Philadelphia School District CEO ‘Thanks”


It became public knowledge yesterday that the Philadelphia School District would not include “Gay History Month” in their official calendar.  Last year was the first time that such a designation was on the school calendar that is mailed to over 200,000 parents in the school district.  Homosexual activists are not happy and are already contacting the school district asking them to again include “Gay History Month.” 


Yesterday afternoon the AFA of PA faxed Thomas Brady, the interim CEO of the school district and a retired Army officer, thanking him for this decision.  He has also said that he will not support any “GLBT study programs.”  Last year ninth graders had to read Am I Blue?, a collection of short stories about teens coming out as ‘gay.’  Click here to read our news release.  You can also click here to read today’s Philadelphia Inquirer story and the eleven words they gave the AFA of PA! 


Last year’s inclusion of ‘Gay History Month’ was just another attempt to desensitize children to homosexuality and give them the false message that “Gay is okay.” 


For once a school district has listened to the concerns of parents!




1.)  Please contact Thomas Brady and tell him ‘thanks’ for doing the right thing and not including ‘Gay History Month’ in this year’s calendar.  Call him at (215) 400-4300, ext. 201 or e-mail at


2.)  Don’t forget you can now listen to Diane Gramley’s weekly radio program ‘American Family Focus on PA Issues’ on our website.  Click here


3.)  Feel free to forward this alert to other concerned Pennsylvanians.  If this alert is being forwarded to you by a friend, please feel free to sign up by clicking here.   Please indicate in which county you live.


4.)  Please consider supporting the ongoing work of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania.  Make an online donation.


In His service,


Diane Gramley


American Family Association of PA


AFA of PA encourages Christians, through education, to become involved in pro-family issues in their community, state and the nation.




Philly Schools Drop 'Gay and Lesbian History Month'

In the face of an outcry from parents and the American Family Association (AFA), the Philadelphia public schools have dropped “Gay and Lesbian History Month” from the '07-'08 calendar.

The Pennsylvania AFA publicly thanked interim school CEO Thomas Brady for the decision, citing health statistics for sexually transmitted infections. The group noted that last school year students were given required-reading assignments promoting homosexuality.

Candi Cushman, education analyst for Focus on the Family Action, welcomed the Philadelphia decision as a positive example of parents making their voices heard.

“The truth is parents have more right – and more responsibility – to influence the taxpayer-funded schools their own kids attend than do outside groups pushing political agendas that have nothing to do with academics,” she said. “Parents across the nation can see this and take heart that they don’t have to wave the white flag when promotion of homosexuality invades their schools.”



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