Friday, August 17, 2007

Listen to Randy Wenger, Chief Counsel of the Pennsylvania Family Institute

Listen to Randy Wenger, Chief Counsel of the Pennsylvania Family Institute and head of the Independence Law Center on WDAC Spotlight with Greg Barton at 12:30PM on Saturday, August 18!
WDAC Spotlight airs on WDAC 94.5 FM Lancaster
You can also listen online!

Randy will be speaking on efforts by the Independence Law Center to defend religious liberty, and specifically about the Ocean Grove Campmeeting Association case the Independence Law Center just filed.

The Ocean Grove ministry, which owns and operates a beach-front ministry that includes a boardwalk pavillion, is being challenged by a lesbian couple who desire to have a "civil union" marriage ceremony at the site.  The ministry leaders rejected their application, and a complain was filed with the New Jersey Attorney General's office.   Randy Wenger and the Independence Law Center offered and is now providing free legal aid to assist the ministry. 

Listen for details on this important case on Saturday, August 18 at 12:30PM!

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