Friday, August 24, 2007

PA Senator Eichelberger Condemns PHEAA Bonuses


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Eichelberger Condemns PHEAA Bonuses

Senator Eichelberger condemns the excessive bonuses given to PHEAA executives.


HOLLIDAYSBURG (08-24-2007) – State Senator John H. Eichelberger, Jr. today condemned the bonuses given out to executives of the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA).  Five bonuses were given out, totaling $573,800 with the highest bonus given out being almost $181,000.


“This is yet another example of the complete disconnect between government bureaucrats and the people that they’re supposed to be serving,” fumed Eichelberger.  “This is what you get when, year after year, we refuse to look at true, substantive ways to reform how government does business.  The largest bonus given was actually more than the Governor’s annual salary.  How do you possibly defend that?  What is the return that the people of Pennsylvania are getting on this money?”


Eichelberger has introduced legislation banning all branches of state government and state agencies (including PHEAA) from doling out bonuses outside of their established payroll system.


“This latest bonus issue is yet another example of the hapless actions taken by state government,” said Senator Eichelberger.  “I sent a written request to Attorney General Tom Corbett on February 2nd asking for a complete investigation into the legislature’s bonuses that came to light at that time.  To date, not a single charge has been filed nor has a formal report been given to the public concerning this investigation.  It is no wonder why the citizens of this Commonwealth have no faith in their government.”




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