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i) Pro-Life Update from Mary Lou Gartner


i) Pro-Life Update form Mary Lou


Dear Pro-Life Friends:


Included in this update:

1. Marriage Amendment - message from Eleanor

2. Message from Peg Luksik

3. 40 Days for Life

4. PCUC Banquet and ad book - Don't miss Joe Schiedler of Chicago

5. Life Chain

6. HB 288

7. Web site to contact your elected officials.

8. PCUC web page - thank you for reading, let me know if you have friends that want to be added and as always keep praying for an end of abortion.

9. WAWA supports Planned Parenthood


1. PA Marriage Amendment


In the fall session, a bill may come before the state house which calls for giving Pennsylvania's current definition of Marriage (one man and one woman) constitutional stature in Pennsylvania. Should such a bill pass both houses of the legislature in two consecutive sessions, it would then appear on the ballot for Pennsylvania's voters to approve or disapprove.


In the absence of such a process, Pennsylvania is vulnerable to the type of judicial mischief that imposed marriage between gay couples in Massachusetts, and mandated a similar law in New Jersey. So, the issue here is whether Pennsylvania will have its marriage laws decided by "the People" or by "the Court".


You can assist greatly in this process by finding out where your own state rep, and your own state senator stand on this issue. Please forward that information back to me - once you have confirmed it.


Twenty-seven other states have already done so. Are you aware that Pa already allows same-sex couples to adopt? We know that our Defense of Marriage Act is simply not enough to protect us from a judge mandating a redefinition of marriage here in Pennsylvania. We will be outspent, but we have the truth on our side. Would you be willing to serve as the liaison for your group/sphere of influence so that we can reach as many folks as possible to demand our legislature allow us the right to vote to protect marriage?


Our websites are: and


Please take a look. We are launching a very aggressive campaign to create awareness that marriage desperately needs to be protected.


Thank you for your prayerful consideration. Please forward to friends.


God bless,



Phone: 717.576.5253


2. Message from Peg Luksik


To help us to build our own lobbying skills and to easily teach others, I have developed a web site that includes short downloadable videos on both the mechanics of being a citizen activist and on the issues themselves.  Each clip is available for $1.00 so people can access and learn.  I invite you to both use the site, and if you like it, to share it with others so we can create a vibrant citizens network of educated pro-life, pro-family activists. Here's the link


Hope you like it. Have a lovely day.


God bless.




Peg Luksik and I have started a new project, the American Citizen's Academy.  Our focus is to use Peg's experience with communications, debate, and lobbying to train conservative activists, using the Internet and seminars across the state, on how to effectively communicate our ideas.  We will be stressing the logical connection between fiscal and social conservatism using online videos and weekly articles from Peg and a variety of other authors.  Please take a moment to stop by the web site,, and purchase a video (they're only $1.00 for a 15-minute video).


Your feedback on the site and the content is welcome, and please be sure to tell your conservative friends about this new resource.



Jason E. High 



3.  40 Days for Life - Upcoming National Project. 

Click - to get all the information.


Basically the idea is to be praying at the abortion mills for 40 days (very scriptural) to end this holocaust. 40 Days For Life is planned for 9/26/07 to 11/4/07.


Very important.


Everybody can do something.


Laureen has volunteered to be the coordinator.  She needs help, and the moms and babies need all of us.  Please respond to her e-mail. Please pass this on to your own e-mail lists of pro-life people.  "Is anyone out there?" by Laureen Bodnar. I would like to get in contact with everyone in our area. If you are logged in to the Pittsburgh area, please email me at either <> or <>.



4. PCUC Annual Banquet. Don't Miss Speaker Joe Schiedler from Chicago


People Concerned for the Unborn Child's annual pro-life banquet will be on Sat. Oct. 27 at Churchill Valley Country Club with Joe Scheidler from Chicago as our speaker. Reservations are being accepted at 412-531-9272 for $40 each or a table of 10 for $350 - you don't want to miss hearing this great speaker and meeting your pro-life friends. To support PCUC, a banquet book is being prepared - ads are being taken by sending the info to PCUC, 3050 Pioneer Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15226 - Whole page (8 1/2 x 11) for $150, half page $100, quarter page $65, business card $40 , patron $10 - Please help us with this effort by contacting business, professionals and all who would like us to know of their pro-life commitment.


5.  Life Chain, 1st Sunday in October


The annual Life Chain is a once a year witness for life to tell the people of our country that we've had enough of the killing of the unborn and mental, physical and spiritual damage to women. We will stand along streets and lanes, on Sunday, October 7 for one hour.  For more info, call Mary Catherine Scanlon 412-781-6550.


6. When the PA General Assembly resumes on Sept. 17 one of the pieces of legislation that will be on the calendar is HB 288 - this legislation would require all hospitals and medical personnel to distribute emergency contraception to rape victims. Both the drug manufacturer and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) state that EC can act as an abortifacient by altering the lining of the uterine wall, so a new human being cannot implant. We don't want amendments - HB 288 must be defeated.


7.  To contact your elected officials click and type in your zip code to send a message to any of your elected officials - federal, state or local. Great site - we have given you materials in this e-mail to contact your elected representatives and let them know you are pro-life - you don't want your tax money spent on abortion or any abortion provider as Planned Parenthood.


8.  PCUC web page - click for all the latest pro-life information - Newsletters are listed - the July-Aug. will be posted shortly.


9. Contacting Wawa is an important life-saving act. If enough of us make our viewpoint known, Wawa will stop funding Planned parenthood. Please send a note RIGHT NOW. For those wishing to contact Wawa (see below), click on this link.


Points you may wish to include:

1) You are a regular shopper at Wawa, and buy there frequently.

2) You have just learned that Wawa supports Planned Parenthood - the largest abortion provider in the world.

3) You can no longer spend your money there, knowing that some of it will be used to kill innocent babies, because of Wawa's sponsorship of Planned Parenthood.

4) Ask them to notify you once they have stopped funding Planned Parenthood so that you can resume your shopping at their stores.


WAWA is now contributing to Planned Parenthood.


Life Dynamics just released the July 2007 Corporate Boycott list.  Wawa has been added -- PLEASE contact them and share your disappointment. Planned Parenthood is the nation's largest abortion provider.


* In 2006 Planned Parenthood was responsible for 7208 abortions in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  That's 7,208 lives lost, their mothers were left wounded.

* On June 30, 2003 Planned Parenthood's assets totaled more than $824.5 million!!


Really, Planned Parenthood is a business, a profitable one that does not need funding from WAWA.  Please Boycott WAWA until they make a change in their policy.  THIS IS POSSIBLE - If pro-life people contact WAWA they will make a change!!



Mr. Howard B. Stoeckel


260 W. Baltimore Pike,

Wawa, PA 19061

800-283-9292 0r 610-358-8000 or




For LOVE THEM BOTH program times & national pregnancy helpline, click


Pennsylvania Pro-Life and Conservative Coalition

P.O Box 53

New Buffalo PA 17069


"Teaming up on pro-life and values issues begins by building relationships."

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