Saturday, September 29, 2007

40 Days for Life Testimonies

After a wonderful few days participating in the 40 Days for Life locations across Wisconsin (Milwaukee, Grand Chute, Green Bay, and Madison) my family is now driving to join the 40 Days for Life efforts in Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Rather than me tell you about all of the miraculous happenings across America, I thought I'd share excerpts from just a few of the hundreds of inspiring messages I've received in the last day, in the actual words of the 40 Days for Life participants...






We are excited about the works our Heavenly Father is performing in our cities & nation. On the 27th there were 3 saves & 2 of those babies were twins. Amen! We are trusting in many more saves, conversion of souls & healing for post-abortive men/women.






At least 40 people -- a record -- participated Friday in the weekly abortion-day Prayer Vigil at Sarasota Planned Parenthood. That's because it melded with the 3rd day of 40 Days for Life, a vigil of prayer at PP every day through November 4.


Instead of sidewalk counselors for the usual 2 morning hours, sidewalk counselors were there from 8am through 4pm. And 3 couples -- a record for one day -- decided not to stay for an abortion!






One of Pensacola's abortion clinics was not open today.

Today is the day (Friday) that the both clinics in Pensacola perform abortions. Praise the Lord! If they are closed each Friday for the next six weeks, that is a lot of lives saved and a lot of revenue lost for the abortionists. God is working here and across the country. 






My mind is spinning. God is moving so fast I can hardly keep up!!! Our Bishop is now doing radio spots and they are powerful. He has met with his Priests strongly encouraging them to get involved.


A secular radio station is announcing DAILY what hours are needed and any update from the [vigil] site or whatever need we may have. North Dakota Family Alliance is involved in writing letters to the editor.


An individual from France was so touched by our web site and our Bishop's statement that he had to give us a call. Heart after heart is being touched as you can read on our web site:


Doors are opening where no doors were open before. I am totally in awe. What a mighty God we serve!






It's hitting the middle of 6am now... but just a half hour ago I was kneeling on a "picnic blanket," rosary in hand, my eyes half open, smiling in contentment & staring up at the sky at this strangely bright silver star in the sky that appeared from my eye, two inches from the roof of the Planned Parenthood building...


Everything is so organized and peaceful while praying, very much contrary to what I thought it would be like. 

God is good. Just goes to show, I need to trust Him more. He sets you free. I am not a morning person, but I have never been more alive than after praying fervently during these last couple of hours!






While I was at the 40 Days for Life site, I realized that it was all God's doing for me to be there. There were four of us there, Gracie, Nancy and her son, Lawrence.


I was praying the rosary when Nancy and Lawrence told me that a car was waiting on the curb. I went up to the window and two young women were in the car. The driver told me she had been to the abortion mill to have an abortion, but when she saw our display, she decided to come back to see what we were doing.


I told her we were having a peaceful, prayerful vigil in an effort to stop Planned Parenthood from performing abortions. She then told me she was pregnant and had been there to have an abortion. She also told me she "could not have the baby" because the father was 28 and she was 36.


I told her, "well, you already have the baby. And it's going to be born. It's just up to you whether it's going to be born dead or alive." I handed her the literature I had in my hand and she said, "See, I look at the pictures of these babies and it does something to me."


I told her that her baby was hoping that she would be his or her "hero" and not go through with the abortion.

I also told her that I was also once an unwed mother and abortion-minded and how my oldest daughter is now such a blessing to me.


I asked her if she had ever heard of the Reverend Ricky Rush. She said yes, of course, and I told her how my daughter was once the only non-black lead singer in his 700 member Gospel Choir. She was amazed!


I said, "Well, God has a plan for your baby just like He had a plan for mine and you should not interrupt God's plan by aborting this child that God has willed into your life. He could have prevented you from getting pregnant, but He didn't, so obviously, God wants this child to be born."


She then said that what I was telling her was giving her chills and that she knew now she could never abort her baby. I gave her the White Rose Crisis Pregnancy Center information and her friend told her she would show her how to get there. She went away thanking us for being there and saying there was no way she would abort her baby.


I went back to Nancy, Lawrence and Gracie and we all hugged and thanked God for this wonderful deed God had done with this girl. Nancy and Lawrence said they were so grateful that their parish coordinator had signed them up to come and pray, otherwise they would have never had this wonderful experience. I just thanked God over and over again for His mercy and love for this little one and the Mommy that would someday realize how close she came to missing out on the blessing of being a Mom.


What a day and what joy to have been part of 40 Days for Life!




Praise the Lord for all He is doing in our land!


If you have a story of how God is working through your 40 Days for Life efforts, please e-mail it straight to me at:

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