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Conducting the People's Business: A Never-Ending Privilege

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Conducting the People's Business: A Never-Ending Privilege


September 24, 2007 marked the year's first fall voting session day for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The day included legislative activity on several key state issues that need to be addressed before the end of the year for the good of all Pennsylvania citizens.


My day began before sunrise as I drove 200-plus miles to the Capitol. The drive time included telephone calls (using technology to keep my hands free of course) with district and Capitol staff to finalize our news release for a press conference that we scheduled to kick off the fall session.


After arriving at the Capitol, I met with my staff and finished writing my remarks for the 11 a.m. press conference that my office had been organizing for many weeks. In addition to 15 of my colleagues, I was also joined at the press conference by Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge Correale Stevens, Mayor Lou Barletta and Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli. 


The press conference was held to release the Invasion PA: National Security Begins at Home report. The report is a compilation of information received at last session's Republican Policy Committee illegal immigration hearings and media reports exposing crimes committed by 3,000- plus illegal aliens across Pennsylvania. The report presents the undeniable and lasting impact of the illegal alien invasion on our citizens. 


After the press conference, and after Q-and-A was concluded, I interviewed with several reporters. During the evening I also joined talk radio show hosts on air in Philadelphia and Harrisburg to discuss the issue.


The next issue to be addressed was the tolling of I-80. In July, I voted against the governor's plan that created the tolling. Since that time, some Congressional representatives have also weighed in on the issue. I joined with Congressman John Peterson and members of the Pennsylvania House and Senate on the steps of the Capitol during a press conference with truck drivers to oppose the new tolling scheme.


The early afternoon was spent voting and meeting with members of our respective caucuses (Republican members meet with Republican members and Democrat members meet with Democrat members) to prepare for the afternoon voting schedule. At 3 p.m., we joined with the Senate for the governor's address on a special session concerning energy. 


The Philadelphia governor is like so many liberal politicians who try to sell us on the idea that they know how to spend our money better than we do. He uses the words "energy independence" to mask his science fiction plan that he proposes to fund through borrowing almost a billion more dollars and creating a tax on your use of electricity. 


The majority of Pennsylvania electricity is produced with coal and nuclear technology. It has been estimated that Pennsylvania still has almost 300 years worth of coal in the ground. 

Instead of working to ensure Pennsylvania electricity is available at the lowest cost possible to consumers in Pennsylvania, the current administration continues to increase the cost of energy through excessive regulations.  

Energy independence is possible with market-driven innovations using our natural and renewable resources. I pledge to continue the fight for reducing burdensome regulations and taxes.

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