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Baby Saved and Pennsylvania Campus Tour

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Life and Liberty Ministries Sept. 26, 2007

Baby Saved and 2007 Pennsylvania Campus Tour

Brothers and Sisters,

Today a baby was saved from death as we ministered at Richmond Medical Center for Women. Thanks for your prayer for LLM as we reach out at the Richmond area abortuaries. We can't be there on a regular basis without the support of the body.

On Tuesday (Oct. 2) LLM will travel to Pennsylvania to join with Repent America and many other believers to minister for ten days on the streets and campuses of Eastern PA and NJ.

Then on Oct. 15-19 we will be conducting our annual VA Campus Tour.

The month will be very busy with much expense for travel, food, and literature.

This letter is simply to ask for two things.

First, I am asking that you pray for these outreaches. Not just a passing word, but serious prayer that hearts will be broken and souls saved.

Secondly, I am asking that you help us cover the costs of these outreaches. We don't have the money at this point but we are going, trusting that our brothers and sisters will stand behind these outreaches and contribute.

If you can stand with us financially, then I will be very grateful. If you can stand with us in prayer, I will even more grateful.

For Messiah our only hope,

Dennis Green

Keep Us On The Street

Please help keep us on the street to minister on behalf of the children scheduled to be killed. Babies are saved and the Gospel is preached as we daily minister on the streets and at the killing centers. If you can''''t be there, please help those of us who are. One-time gifts or monthly support helps to cover the cost of literature, fuel, vehicle repairs, and missionary support (family of twelve), etc. etc. Thank you.

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