Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blue Denim (1959)

Subject: Blue Denim (1959)

    I just happened to come across a movie called "Blue Denim", which was
filmed in 1959. It shows a "typical" 1950s teen couple, and tells a story
about how they "get in trouble". They are frightened, ashamed, and feel
unable to approach their parents.
    After a great deal of agonizing, they attempt to obtain an illegal
abortion, despite acknowledging the dangers, and vainly trying to
rationalize away the evil in ending this innocent life. The story builds
toward the question of whether or not they can come to their senses before
it is too late. It was - in my opinion - very well done.  
    I had never heard of this movie before, but I recommend it to you - as a
provocative and incisive movie from a time before Roe v. Wade. I believe it
is a movie which can be used as a strong teaching tool over the issue of
abortion. It may be more persuasive to some young people than many other
teaching tools.
    It is scheduled to run again on the Fox Movie Channel on November 29 at
8 AM.

Get your Video Taping machines ready.

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