Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 23: BREAKING NEWS! Let's turn up the heat

The Associated Press is reporting on developments
surrounding a Planned Parenthood facility that is
currently the target of a 40 Days for Life campaign:

"A Planned Parenthood clinic was charged Wednesday
with providing unlawful abortions and other crimes
by a county prosecutor who had engaged in a high-
profile battle with the clinic when he was Kansas
attorney general.

Johnson County District Attorney Phill Kline charged
the Overland Park, Kan., clinic with 107 counts, 23
of them felonies. Besides 29 misdemeanor counts of
providing unlawful late-term abortions, the clinic
is charged with multiple counts of making a false
writing, failure to maintain records and failure to
determine viability."

Read the charges against Planned Parenthood (PDF file):

District Attorney Phill Kline should be praised for
bringing the abortion giant's crimes to light, and
congratulations to the people of faith and conscience
who have been praying, fasting, and holding vigil
outside of that facility to bring attention to the
injustice and evil that happens there!

Steve, with the media reporting on this news,
it's time for us to turn up the heat.

Here's what I'd like you to do today...

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Most people are not aware that the opinion page of
their local newspaper is one of the most read pages
each day.

By writing a Letter to the Editor, you can spread the
word about 40 Days for Life, shed light on the tragedy
of abortion, and bring hope to your community.

Look on the opinion page of your local paper or go to
the web site for your newspaper (look it up in a search
engine if needed). You should find their guidelines for
a Letter to the Editor and instructions on how to
submit your letter.

Here are some suggestions of different things you could
write about:

1.) WHAT 40 DAYS FOR LIFE IS: You could talk about the
89 cities in 33 states that are united in prayer,
fasting, vigil, and outreach until November 4.

2.) HOW YOU ARE INVOLVED: Whether you are praying,
fasting, participating in a vigil, or helping with
community outreach, tell your story!

3.) SHARE THE BLESSINGS: Tell stories about blessings
you have seen, heard about, or experienced during
the 40 Days for Life.

4.) CALL TO ACTION: Invite people in your community to
join the prayer and fasting, the vigil (if there is
one in your town) and the outreach. Give clear
instructions on how to get involved.

A few points to keep in mind when writing your letter:

>> Stick to the paper's guidelines for Letters to the
Editor or your letter will never be seen.

>> Stick to the facts, and don't report rumor or
here-say items.

>> Stories are a compelling way to motivate people.

>> Be positive, Christlike, upbeat, and charitable.

Let's flood the opinion pages of every paper in the
country and get the word out about the problem of
abortion and the solution of 40 Days for Life!!

Here's today's devotional...

Daily Devotional by: Carmen Pate


Praise God for His power and His defense in our time of
need, for He is our refuge in the day of trouble.


"I will sing of Your power; yes, I will sing aloud of
Your mercy in the morning; For You have been my defense
and refuge in the day of my trouble." -- Psalm 59: 16


For the young woman who is coming to terms with an
unexpected pregnancy there are many emotions that she
can't explain, fears that she can't squelch, and
questions that she can't answer.

Often times, she feels there is no one she can turn to
for help. The advertising hype of a local abortion
facility seems to provide a quick solution -- one she
won't have to think too much about. Right now she just
wants relief and a return to normalcy.

Praise God He has called you to intervene! No doubt,
you are volunteering for the 40 Days for Life campaign
because you know the One who is able to turn her life

Psalm 59:16 has been applicable to God's work in my
life many times. But no time was more appropriate than
following the birth of my first son. As a freshman in
college with an unexpected pregnancy, I experienced,
first hand, emotions, fears, and questions that were
beyond my ability to handle.

But God in His mercy sent a circle of Christian friends
who prayed with me, met emotional and practical needs,
and pointed me to God who is able to provide above and
beyond all we ask or imagine. As a result, I chose life
without a second thought.

I learned valuable lessons about who God is during that
time of crisis. He is indeed powerful to make all
things new in our lives; He is merciful as we seek His
forgiveness for our failings; He is our defense against
all who would come against us in our time of distress;
He is the One I run to not only in times of trouble,
but on the good days as well, as I seek His loving arms
around me. I will praise Him until my last breath.

Pray that you will have opportunity today to share your
Lord with a young woman in her day of trouble.


Heavenly Father, You have proven yourself merciful and
gracious as you welcome your repentant children into
Your loving arms. Thank you for being our defense and
refuge in times of trouble.

May we forever sing of your power in our lives and draw
others to You with our testimonies of praise. Lord, we
pray for opportunities today to share Your love,
particularly with young women who are looking for
direction regarding an unexpected pregnancy. May they
find refuge in You Lord and choose life.

In Jesus name we pray, AMEN.


Yours For Life,

David Bereit
National Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

P.S.- When your Letter to the Editor gets
published in your local paper, post a link to the
online version on today's blog posting at:

3515-B Longmire #316
College Station, TX

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