Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Call to Action: Pennsylvania Family Council 'Emergency Contraception' Mandate

Pennsylvania Family Council


'Emergency Contraception' Mandate Violates Right of Conscience, May Be Up for State House Vote Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 3!

Contact your state representative!

House Bill 288 would mandate that all hospitals in Pennsylvania make "emergency contraception" available to rape victims. Some medical experts say that "emergency contraception" actually causes an abortion in certain cases.

Before a House Policy Committee hearing in June, PFI provided expert testimony from Dr. Karl Benzio, MD and Pychiatrist from Doylestown, Pa., a well-credentialed spokesman for the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA).  We joined the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference and Catholic Healthcare Association in testifying against the bill.  Dr. Benzio from CMDA and Dr. Anne Marie Manning of Holy Spirit Hospital in Camp Hill, Pa. both testified that in the rare cases where rape victims become pregnant from the rape, doctors are really then treating two patients, the unborn baby and the woman.

Rape victims deserve the best medical care available, but that care should be consistent with a sanctity-of-life ethic and respect the right of conscience of religious hospitals and physicians. Many pro-life healthcare personnel are opposed to administering drugs that act as abortifacients (cause early abortions) and should not be forced to violate their conscience. The bill is being pushed by Planned Parenthood, the leading abortionists and by the ACLU.

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Contact your state representative TODAY and urge them to vote NO on HB 288, the "emergency contraception" bill.

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