Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Oppose HB 288



    Tomorrow the infamous HB 288 will come before the state house. This bill would force pro-life healthcare workers across the state to participate in administering abortifacients. I offer the following text for you to send to your reps. Send it marked High Priority with Return Receipt Requested.


- Ted Meehan




    Please oppose HB 288, a bill whose purpose is to force pro-life hospitals and healthcare personnel - religious and non-religious - to participate in administering abortifacient drugs.  The bill is a blatant attempt to undermine the consciences of pro-life people, and assault the sanctity of human life.


    Additionally, please oppose any amendment designed to weaken this bill, and thereby make it seem more "acceptable". For example, by allowing exceptions for religious hospitals, opposition to the bill could be reduced, and it would have a greater risk of passage - to the great detriment of thousands of unborn children, and all pro-life healthcare personnel in Pennsylvania.


    Please do the right thing and oppose this bill.





Below is a partial list of reps for your convenience.


Bill Adolph - badolph@pahousegop.com

Dave Argall - dargall@pahousegop.com

Matt Baker - mbaker@pahousegop.com

Steve Barrar - sbarrar@pahousegop.com

Bob Bastian - bbastian@pahousegop.com

Kerry Benninghoff - kbenning@pahousegop.com

Karen Beyer - kbeyer@pahousegop.com

Scott Boyd - sboyd@pahousegop.com

Steve Cappelli - scappell@pahousegop.com

Mario Civera - mcivera@pahousegop.com

Paul Clymer - pclymer@pahousegop.com

Tom Creighton - tcreight@pahousegop.com

Craig Dally - cdally@pahousegop.com

Gordon Denlinger - gdenling@pahousegop.com

Gene DiGirolamo - gdigirol@pahousegop.com

Brian Ellis - bellis@pahousegop.com

John Evans - jevans@pahousegop.com

Russ Fairchild - rfairchi@pahousegop.com

Will Gabig - wgabig@pahousegop.com

Tom Gannon - tgannon@pahousegop.com

Rick Geist - rgeist@pahousegop.com

Keith Gillespie - kgillesp@pahousegop.com

Mauree Gingrich - mgingric@pahousegop.com

Matt Good - mgood@pahousegop.com

Glen Grell - ggrell@pahousegop.com

Julie Harhart - jharhart@pahousegop.com

Kate Harper - kharper@pahousegop.com

Adam Harris - aharris@pahousegop.com

Tim Hennessey  - thenness@pahousegop.com

Art Hershey - ahershey@pahousegop.com

Dick Hess - dhess@pahousegop.com

Dave Hickernell - dhickern@pahousegop.com

Scott Hutchinson - shutchin@pahousegop.com

Rob Kauffman - rkauffma@pahousegop.com

Bev Mackereth - bmackere@pahousegop.com

John Maher - jmaher@pahousegop.com

Sandy Major - smajor@pahousegop.com

Ron Marsico - rmarsico@pahousegop.com

Gene McGill - gmcgill@pahousegop.com

Fred McIlhattan - fmcilhat@pahousegop.com

Daryl Metcalfe - dmetcalf@pahousegop.com

Nick Micozzie - nmicozzi@pahousegop.com

Dave Millard - dmillard@pahousegop.com

Ron Miller - rmiller@pahousegop.com

Mark Mustio - mmustio@pahousegop.com

Jerry Nailor - jnailer@pahousegop.com

Steve Nickol - snickol@pahousegop.com

Dennis O'Brien - dobrien@pahousegop.com

Bernie O'Neill - boneill@pahousegop.com

John Payne - jpayne@pahousegop.com

Scott Petri - spetri@pahousegop.com

Merle Phillips - mphillip@pahousegop.com

Tina Pickett - tpickett@pahousegop.com

Dave Reed - dreed@pahousegop.com

Doug Reichley - dreichle@pahousegop.com

Sam Rohrer - srohrer@pahousegop.com

Chris Ross - cross@pahousegop.com

Carol Rubley - crubley@pahousegop.com

Mario Scavello - mscavell@pahousegop.com

Curt Schroder - cschrode@pahousegop.com

Sam Smith - ssmith@pahousegop.com

Curt Sonney - csonney@pahousegop.com

Jess Stairs - jstairs@pahousegop.com

Dave Steil - dsteil@pahousegop..com

Jerry Stern - jstern@pahousegop.com

Dick Stevenson - dstevens@pahousegop.com

Katie True - ktrue@pahousegop.com

Mike Turzai - mturzai@pahousegop.com

Kathy Watson - kwatson@pahousegop..com

Matthew Wright - mwright@pahousegop.com

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