Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Very urgent pro life alert

From: PCUC Mail [mailto:mlgartner@pcuc.org]
Subject: very urgent pro life alert


Dear Pro-Life Friends:  In our July-Aug PCUC Newsletter we had an article about HB 288 - that would mandate all hospitals and medical personnel to distribute the "morning after" pill to rape victims. This bill HB 288 is supposed to be voted on in the PA House on Wed. Oct. 5 - it is vital that you contact your state representative and "beg" him to vote NO on HB 288. There are many reasons we are opposed - conscience rights of health care professionals and facilities must be preserved. The bill does not require the health care to report the crime of rape - other emergency room crimes (e.g., gunshot wounds) must be reported to law enforcement so the perpetrators can be tracked down and prosecuted. Why not the rapist? This drug is an abortifacient because if prevents implantation. Rape victims deserve the best medical care available, but that care should be consistent with a sanctity of life ethic and also respect the right of conscience of religious-affiliated hospitals and physicians. This bill is supported by Planned Parenthood and the manufacturer of this morning after pill.  Please call your state representative's office on Wed. Oct. 5 and ask as many people as you can to make these calls.



Thank you,


Mary Lou Gartner, Political Director of People Concerned for the Unborn Child (PCUC)


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