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SugarHouse Sues; So Long Saylor!


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Despite an aggressive public relations campaign, SugarHouse failed to get public support. They therefore have decided to follow suit with Foxwoods and sue the city.

Their lawsuit is a similar case to Foxwoods. Essentially, they argue the city should be forced to give them all the permits and zoning by the Supreme Court. Their argument is that the city cannot be "obstructionist" -- even to protect the health of its residents.

Let's acknowledge this as a gigantic victory because so many assumed the city and even residents would cave to Sugarhouse pressure. Congratulations to allies in the civic associations, city government, and activist community residents who held the line.

Letters like Councilman DiCicco's have given the city a strong case, where he lays out some of the unaddressed economic questions and social problems. SugarHouse has major outstanding health and public safety issues. But instead of dealing with problems, they are hiding behind their lawyers.

The Supreme Court Justice will decide this issue. We therefore believe this increases the timeliness and appropriateness of targeting Justice Saylor.

If Sugarhouse loses this lawsuit, they have few or no cards left to play. We, on the other hand, still have options, including riparian rights, direct action, and bill 1477.

Read The Inquirer or The Daily News article on this. For a lighter perspective, check out the Metro's blog or harsh satire at Philebrity.


Bill 1477 -- the 1,500-foot buffer zone -- is sitting in the Gaming Oversight Committee. Public pressure made a difference, especially lobbying from our ally the Delaware River Neighborhood Alliance/Philadelphia Neighborhood Alliance and a well-timed letter from Michael Nutter.

Now Harold James, the chairperson, has promised to put the bill up for a vote in committee. No date has been set, but we expect it to be very soon.

We need to win that vote. Take action and call state representatives regarding bill 1477 at:

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The result: The Guy Who Stole Your Vote, Does not Deserve Yours

90% of CFP subscribers say "So Long Saylor"!

We've never taken a position on a candidate before, but this is important. On November 6th, Casino-Free Philadelphia asks everyone to vote "no" on Justice Thomas G. Saylor.

We take this extraordinary step because Justice Saylor supported the completely undemocratic manner in which casinos are being forced on to our city. His support for Act 71, passed in the middle of the night with no public scrutiny, opened the door for this casino debacle.

We urge you to vote NO to Justice Saylor because he failed to defend the rights of Philadelphia's citizens to vote on whether to allow casinos to be built right next to our neighborhoods. We demand his removal because Justice Saylor has shown utter disrespect for the Constitution of the Commonwealth and scorn for the voters.

Please help us get out the word:

Tell your neighbors and friends: Print out this PDF document

Get more information on Casino-Free Philadelphia's rationale and statement at:

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What's next for us?

We're gearing up for direct action, working on getting the word about Saylor, and examining legal responses to Sugarhouse's lawsuit. Casino-Free Philadelphia can use your support -- by passing out the handout at events and rallies -- and through your financial contribution.

Making a donation is easy. You can go to to make an online donation. OR you can write a check to Casino-Free Philadelphia and send it to: PO Box 63724, Philadelphia, PA. Thanks!


- Jethro Heiko, Daniel Hunter, and Nico Amador
Casino-Free Philadelphia

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