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Philadelphia Boy Scouts in Greater Danger Now Than Before Election Day

American Family Association of Pennsylvania



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Philadelphia Boy Scouts Face a Greater Danger with New Mayor Elect, Pro-Family Group Says


(Philadelphia) – With the election of Michael Nutter to the office of mayor of Philadelphia the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council will be in greater danger now than they are currently under Mayor John Street.  The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide traditional values group, expressed great concern for the Scouts today and in a faxed statement to current Mayor John Street asked him to take any steps necessary before he leaves office to stop the eviction of the Scouts and the demand for $200,000 per year in rent. 


“In our letter to Mayor Street we asked if he wanted his legacy as Philadelphia mayor to be that he allowed the City to renege on an 80-year agreement and kick out the Boy Scouts.  This year has seen 348 homicides in the City of Brotherly Love, the vast majority are poor African-Americans.  Why is the City picking on the Scouts which is helping keep kids off the streets --  75% of those they serve are African-American most of whom live in the inner city,” commented Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.


Mayor-elect Michael Nutter served on the Philadelphia City Council from 1992 until June 27, 2006 when he resigned to run for mayor. 


During his time on the City Council, Mr. Nutter: 


q     Drafted a domestic partner bill in 1997

q     In 2002 co-sponsored a bill that amended the city’s Fair Practices ordinance to include transgenders

q     In 2005 supported the first openly homosexual candidate for the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia, even though she was not the official Democratic candidate

q     As City Council member he supported the City’s efforts to evict the Scouts or demand rent.  Even during the final debate one day before elections, Michael Nutter said that he fully supported the city’s actions in demanding $200,000 in annual rent from the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council. 


“Mayor-elect Nutter has indicated that he wants homosexual ‘community’ centers to be partially funded by municipal funds.  Will some of the Boy Scout rental money go towards groups targeting youth who identity as homosexual, bisexual or trangender as some have indicated they want?  The Cradle of Liberty Scout Council issue goes well beyond the city limits of Philadelphia as was indicated by the approximately 134,000 e-mails Mayor Street’s office received shortly after the announcement that the Boy Scouts would be charged $200,000 per year in rent.  This indicates how deeply people feel about this outrageous attack on the Scouts,” Gramley further commented. 


The AFA of PA believes Michael Nutter needs to look beyond an increased police presence in certain areas of the city, closing down streets, limiting travel in some areas,  and ‘stop and frisk’ to help decrease the record number of homicides,  He needs to fully support the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council and help them as they help young boys who might otherwise be on the streets -- 75% of which are African American boys in the inner city. 


The $200,000 in rent will either prohibit the formation of 30 new Cub Scout packs or 800 needy kids from going to summer camp. 


“Mr. Nutter has to decide whether he wants to support the radical homosexuals in his city or the vast majority of his new constituency who does support the Boy Scouts.  According to an April 13, 2007 Philadelphia Gay News article only about 5% of the population in the city is made up of homosexuals and bisexuals,” noted Gramley.


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