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Good New/bad news for CS Lewis Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Big Dawn Treader News:Is this bad news for Christmas or good news fo

Posted by: "R.E. de Leon"   thelionswords

Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:20 am (PST)

I just wrapped up a chat with NarniaFans' Paul Martin and got news
that's a bit disconcerting to hear on Christmas day: Walt Disney
Pictures will no longer be involved as the distributor of The
Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

The story is here:

And Paul's quick reaction to the story is here:

Suffice to say for now that The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of
the Dawn Treader is now being shopped around to other studios, which
is probably a good thing if we find a studio that's more supportive
than Disney has been.

Walden Media is still backing the project 150% as Paul points out, so
while it's a setback there's no need to despair. The most likely
studio to pick up Narnia seems to be Fox, which is currently in a
partnership with Walden which until now excluded the Narnia project.
Will Fox pick up? Maybe.

Let's see. :-D

Considering this is supposed to be bad news, I actually feel really
good about it. I have a feeling that's a good sign - for the last few
weeks I'd been dreading the announcement that Disney would be cutting
Dawn Treader's budget. This new news actually gives us a fresh new
start, allowing us to hold on to the Walden resources that made LWW a
hit, and avoiding the politics that I suspect gave PC some rather
cringeworthy moments.

Paul and I concluded that in the meantime, the average Narnia fan can
do two things to help get Dawn Treader that fresh start.

One thing is to buy yourself a copy of the DVD, or buy more as
gifts... partly to make Disney sorry, and partly to encourage the next

And the other thing is, if (and only if) you believe that the Narnia
movies are a good way of spreading Christian values in a secular
world... well, do add VDT to your prayers... not only that it would
find a company that would give it good funding, but that it would find
a company that would NOT try to remove the profoundly Christian ideas
that are in the books in favor of a hallmark-hollywoodized version.

Ayun. Hehe. Now to get back to writing my Christmas High King's
message. Hehe.

BTW, folks, I couldn't find anyone willing to load my phone when I ran
out, the cards and eload are sold out, so I'm unable to reply to
Christmas messages. I do appreciate them, I assure you. Merry
Christmas to everyone!

RE de Leon
Founder and High Moderator
The Philippine Order of Narnians

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