Wednesday, December 31, 2008

'If We Look Close': A Poetic Tribute To ID

'If We Look Close': A Poetic Tribute To ID


By Robert Deyes

ARN Correspondent


If we look close at cell's own schemes,

precision work, inte-gral teams.

Protein domains that play their role,

so specified, a common goal.

It's hard to think how bits mixed up

like random tea leaves in a cup

could make up schemes of grand design,

so tailor-made, so clocked, so fine.


And so the cells they specialize,

with jobs to do, new tissues rise,

cells work together unified,

communicate both far and wide.

Neuron- impulse forth it sends,

muscle then contracts, leg bends,

lymphocyte- the fort defends,

liver cells the body cleanse.


Cells and tissues form a whole.

Each cell it knows its place, its role.

The body works incessantly.

A stomach, heart, a mind that's free.

From whence did come that thoughtful brain

that takes decisions, loss or gain?

Through inner soul it comes to life,

through stress and strain, through joy and strife.


And creatures learn to live, adapt,

territorial boundaries mapped,

ecosystems grow, divide,

scatter seeds both far and wide.

So who did make such symphony,

so caref'lly planned it seems to be?

Our minds do tell of higher mind,

an earth so purposef'lly designed.


By Robert Deyes




"The known propensity of a democracy is to licentiousness which the...ignorant believe to be liberty." Fisher Ames

January 1788


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