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Will Your School Calendar Be Hijacked by Homosexual Events?

WATCH for these Pro-'Gay' Events! Protect your School Calendar from
Homosexual Highjacking

From Mission America

Will your school bow to pressure from activists and require students to
observe well-crafted but deceptive pro-homosexual events like the following?

If so, go to our web sites at and and prepare to tell the truth instead!

"Coming Out" Day and "Allies" Week - October Children are encouraged to
publicly declare themselves homosexual, bisexual or the opposite gender.
Friends are recruited to stand with these kids in a foolish decision. Get
the facts, educate your community, and protect kids.

Gay and Lesbian History Month-- October Did you know that Abraham Lincoln
was "gay"? Neither did he. How about Sir Francis Bacon, Michelangelo, King
David and Jonathan? Or Joan of Arc? This is the kind of mythology your son
or daughter will learn if their school observes "gay" history month, usually
designated for October. Call the school-and ask for the research supporting
such claims. Then suggest perhaps a Christian history month.

"Transgender" Day of Remembrance --November This could not be a sadder day,
for none of the reasons the sponsors believe. Kids changing genders?
Encouraging soft-hearted kids to think this is all right---and that those
who oppose this cause violence? How much worse can the propaganda get? Take
a stand! Changing genders is a cry for help. And saying this will improve
and save lives, not hurt them.

Mix-It-Up at Lunch Day-- November This idea, to get kids to interact with
others outside their own 'clique,' is a good one, but unfortunately, it has
become yet another pro-homosexual day in some schools. In one incident last
year, a homosexual high school club sponsored a lunch table and no alternate
viewpoint was tolerated. A parent who tried to distribute literature from an
ex-homosexual group was even told to leave the school by the principal.

Martin Luther King Day - January Did you think this day was only about race
relations? Well, think again because the "gay" lobby is about to highjack
this observance and make it into a far-reaching "social justice" event, to
include acceptance of homosexuality. Is this nonsense going to stand without

"No Name-Calling Week"- January This is an "anti-bullying" push, which
sounds fine, until you learn that it includes approving of homosexuality as
a "cure" for school bullying! Call your school and tell them what you think
about such manipulation and endorsement of high-risk behavior. And - that
you expect equal time devoted to treating Christian beliefs with respect,
without bigotry and name-calling!

"Day of Silence" - April Last year, Mission America joined many other
pro-family groups to stand up against this school-wide "silent" day of
propaganda and misinformation. We listed the schools participating - and
boy, it was amazing how mad parents got when they saw their schools on that
list! We want to expand the list this year and give it wide publicity, until
it disappears for good. Schools should not get away with this nonsense. Let
us know if you learn that your school will be observing this day - then call
the school and tell them what you think. Students can organize a Day of
Truth on the day after. Go to for more information.

Mission America
PO Box 21836
Columbus, OH 43221

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